Aqua Krill Oil

Aqua Krill Oil

Water based omega-3 blends

Liquid AquaKrill Oil™

Shake it, mix it, drink it!

AquaKrill Oil™ is the only liquid krill oil on the market. Azantis Inc. markets this liquid krill oil mostly for use in water based omega-3 blends. The Antarctic pure krill oil is made from 100% pure Antarctic Euphausia superba krill and, unlike liquid fish oils, has been dissolved in water. AquaKrill has a sweet orange taste, similar to orange flavored vitamin waters.

Krill phospholipids are polar fatty molecules, which under a liposomal process have been solubilized in water. Phospholipids form naturally microscopic krill oil droplets which are evenly dispersed in the water solution. Azantis uses the polar properties of krill oil phospholipids to put a 25% krill oil solution in water. The product has no fishy smell and has no fishy taste.

Azantis markets the water based liquid krill oil under the brand AquaKrill Oil™. The liquid is specifically designed for blends in fruit juices, vitamin waters, and one shot vitamin drinks. The solubilized krill oil is also very well suited for liquid products for children and the elderly, because of the reduced choking risk with the liquid formulas.

AquaKrill Oil™ is a unique liposomal solution addressing consumer demand for liquid krill oil. Traditional liquid oil, comparable to liquid cod liver oil, has not been for sale in health food stores or on the Internet for several reasons.

  • Antarctic pure krill oil is highly concentrated. Leading manufacturers such as Azantis Inc. sell krill oils with at least 40% phospholipid content. This high concentration makes the product relatively expensive, and thus it’s more important for the consumer to get the actual krill oil dosage right. For that reason it had been far more efficient to simply take a daily krill oil dose of two 500 mg capsules, than it is to correctly measure one teaspoon of krill oil. From a consumer perspective capsules are more cost and quantity efficient.

Aqua Krill Oil ™ by Azantis solves the dosing problem. The liquid is either blended with other juices or vitamins in adequate concentrations, or comes as one-shot-a-day, which is prepackaged and its dosage is therefore measured accurately.

  • Bulk krill oil doesn’t taste good. Dogs love krill oil!! Cats like it less, believe it or not. Humans don’t like to taste it at all.

Aqua Krill Oil™ by Azantis solves the taste and smell problem for humans. The taste is delicious, and the water based oil can be blended into smoothies, waters, and yogurt and other drinks.

  • The third reason that refrigerated liquid krill oil has not been sold in its traditional form in stores is the concern for shelf life. What seemed to be a good packaging format for the good old cod liver oil is not a good idea for krill oil, because the air in the bottle will make the krill oil go rancid fairly quickly. Krill oil is rich in omega-3 EPA and DHA and these essential fatty acids are relatively unstable. In fish oil the omega-3 has been preserved with vitamin E. In krill oil these essential fatty acids (EFAs) are preserved with the natural anti-oxidant astaxanthin. The more the oil is exposed to air, the more the very beneficial astaxanthin is used in the oxidation process. Once most astaxanthin is used up, the oil will go rancid.

Aqua Krill Oil™ by Azantis is very stable and does not oxidize. The water protects the perfectly dispersed phospholipid oil.

  • All manufacturers of krill oil capsules do this under a nitrogen blanket. The nitrogen blanket shields the krill oil from air exposure during the encapsulation process. When manufacturers go to great length to prevent air exposure, then why would a consumer want to have liquid krill oil in a bottle freshly topped off with air each time that it is opened?

AquaKrill Oil™ by Azantis is carefully packaged and protected; the bottle is sealed and topped of with protective nitrogen.

  • Liquid fish oils are not suitable as functional ingredient. The unstable nature of omega 3, and the fishy taste, prevent the fish oil from being used as a food or drink ingredient.

AquaKrill has solved the taste and stability problem. AquaKrill is sold as a bulk liquid to resellers for alternative packaging and to formulators as an ingredient in drinks, yogurts and other liquid foods. 

Consumers can mix AquaKrill into smoothies, water, yogurt and other drinks.

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